Top 10 Facts About Drugs And Warfare

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Look into the history of warfare, and you’ll see it has a close association with drugs, which have been used for all kinds of purposes. Some wars have been fought over drugs, but they’ve predominantly been used to alter the mental state of soldiers, who are frequently asked to commit horrific acts.

Drugs have been used to increase performance and aggression and give unnatural courage. They have been administered by doctors to both dictators and unwilling conscripts. Often, various types of recreational drug cocktails are devised by soldiers to let off steam. Drugs are also a source of funds for nations and terrorist groups.

The following list covers the wide-ranging relation between drugs and warfare up to the present time.

10. Vikings Went Berserk On Magic Mushrooms

Viking warriors struck fear into the hearts of anyone they faced. “God save us from the Fury of the Northmen” was the plea of local people as the Vikings raped and butchered their way through Europe. The unstoppable warriors were thought to contain the essence of the Norse chief god, Odin, who could maximize strength, remove pain, and basically turn them into rampaging berserkers.[1]

The truth is that most of their power came from an infusion of hallucinogenic Amanita mushrooms. In high enough quantities, the mushrooms could make the berserkers do unnatural and inhuman things. They were known to fight in wild frenzies with superhuman strength. No doubt the warriors thought the mushrooms were sent by Odin to give them strength.

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