10 interesting facts about the harlem renaissance

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3. Though centered in Harlem, it was a nationwide movement

New York was the financial and cultural capital of U.S. and also the central place for writers to get published. Hence Harlem’s location made it an ideal place for the development and advancement of creative works by African Americans. However, though it was centered in Harlem, the Renaissance was a nationwide movement. Its influence can be gauged by the fact that it even had an impact on the French speaking black writers from African and Caribbean colonies who lived in Paris.

A 1924 parade on Lenox Avenue, Harlem

4. Primitivism played a part in popularizing the renaissance among white citizens

The major factors contributing to the Harlem Renaissance were dramatic rise in levels of literacy among black citizens; development of several national organizations dedicated to their cause like the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP); increased interaction among black intellectuals; development of pride for their race; and a zest to carve for them a separate identity. Freudian psychology held that primitive people held a more direct relationship with nature. Known as primitivism, it led to increased interest in the creative works of African Americans among white citizens. This was among several trends that led to further popularizing the renaissance.


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