10 Interesting Facts About The Battle of Bannockburn

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3. The English army outnumbered the Scots by at least 2:1

Edward II of England created a massive force to invade Scotland consisting of 2000 heavily armoured knights and 16,000 infantry. Compared to this Robert the Bruce had only 500 horsemen and 6000 foot soldiers. Although the exact difference between the two forces is unknown it is estimated that it was about 2:1. Edward’s army was by far thelargest English army ever to invade Scotland. They arrived for battle a day before the deadline of June 24.

Edward II of England

4. The Scottish army famously used schiltron formation in battle

To counter the 2,000 heavily armoured English horsemen, Bruce ordered hundreds of holes to be dug which were capable of snapping horse’s legs. Also he used schiltrons which were strong defensive circles of men wielding long pikes. When fully formed the tightly formed group would deploy their pikes on three levels thus forming a wall of death against a charging cavalry. It was essential for Bruce to use clever tactics as his army was less advanced than the English army, which was perhaps the finest of the medieval world.

Schiltron Formation

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